Without a doubt the most popular order for Solarscreens in the 4x4 / Wagon range is the "Touring Set"

In general, the Touring Set consists of all the windows aft of the front doors. On a Landcruiser, Patrol or Pajero the Rear Set covers the Rear Side Passenger doors, Cargo Sides and Tailgate or Barn Doors. The set consists of 5 or 6 separate pieces all made to fit each individual window.

We have patterns for most 4x4s, too many to list.

Each set is stored safely in a 210 Nylon Denier Bag.

We offer a written 12 month warranty on all our products.

PRICES: FROM $282.00. Inc GST, plus postage for a Touring Set


Subaru Forrester with a full set of Solarscreens


Troopy with a full set of Solarscreens. A rear set would no include the front doors or windscreen.


Defender 110 with a full set of Solarscreens



Read here for a road test from the Western 4W Driver .

(PDF 569Kb)